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Good Guys Carpet Cleaning - The choice for intelligent, informed consumers.

Why do we make this statement? Simply because:

  1. We give free in-home estimates, no obligation, no pressure.
  2. Up front price information, no hidden or extra charges for things like deodorizers or fabric protectant. Our price includes everything you need.
  3. We vacuum before we clean, carpet and furniture.
  4. We pre-treat all stains and traffic areas using biodegradable, phosphate free, environmentally friendly stain remover.
  5. We use electrolux shampoo: it's hypoallergenic, pleasantly aromatic, non-caustic and very gentle.
  6. Pile, or "nap lifters" used after shampooing to fluff up your worn carpet areas.
  7. Average drying time for carpet is one and one-half hours.
  8. Stairs and furniture are done "by hand", the best way to effectively clean either.
  9. We service all areas of Chicagoland, from the south suburbs to the north suburbs and all the city in between.
  10. Last but not least, we feature work done by the owners and the "Woman's Touch" as the co-owner is a woman.


Featuring the Circular
Dry-Foam Method
Additional Services:
  • Cleans carpets without getting them soaking wet
  • Drying time approximately one hour
  • Little or no soap residue
  • Brightens and highlights colors and patterns
  • Rejuvenates and fluffs up worn walked areas

Call Carolyn or Shannon for a
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  • Wood Floors
    • Waxed
    • Cleaned
    • Polished
  • Vinyl Floors
    • Cleaned
    • Polished
  • Tile & Terrazzo Floors
    • Cleaned
    • Sealed
    • Polished
  • Oriental Rugs
    • Cleaned in home

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